How To Get 6 In Ludo Star Game Without Any Hack 100% Working

Get 6 In Ludo Star Game Without Any Hack 100% Working

Ludo Star is a new Ludo game which is now playing all over the world. Latest Ludo Star Game Version for android is crossed 10 million downloads in a small time. The Ludo Star game available on Android and iOS. Nowadays, the craze of this game in the peoples on the peak. Before the ludo star, many Ludo games are available but Ludo STAR is unique and more interesting game having many different stages. ludo star has resembled the classic Ludo game. Many people want to know Ludo Star tricks to game playing easily. Ludo Star Unlimited gems are now trending on all over the world.

All the game have different tricks and game hacks. Ludo Star free tricks and ludo hacks to make the game easier for peoples. Nowadays, ludo Star makes the national game of Pakistan. Ludo Star game is not played just in Pakistan also playing in different countries such as Dubai, Canada, Brazil, India etc. this game is playing all over the world in a very shot span. Daily, thousand of peoples download and play this game. Some peoples want some tricks to win the game. If you want unlimited Ludo Star gold and unlimited Ludo Star gems then follow the tricks to gain gems and golds.

Get 6 In Ludo Star Game Without Any Hack

How To Get 6 In Ludo STAR Game:

when you play the game all time, you won’t get 6 in ludo star or higher numbers to quickly win this Ludo game. Ludo STAR trick allows you to Get 6 In Ludo Star. this trick is so simple you just need to play with the clock.

When the clock is at 12: 15, you tab the dice instantly, you will be confirmed get a SIX. if you throw a dice in harry or late, the number will change then you cannot get 6.


When the clock just starts rotating or when the clock is at 12:05, the dice throw instantly you will get the higher number to help them in the bad situation.

  • When the Clock Near End

  • When the clock at near the endpoint, just throw the dice and you will get Six or higher number that you want to save your “gauti” or kill the other “Gauti”.

 How to get Confirmed SIX In Ludo STAR Full Video:

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