AntiTheft Android Watchdog PRO v3.06c Free Download Apk For Android

AntiTheft Android Watchdog PRO v3.06c Free Download Apk For Android


AntiTheft Android Watchdog PRO v3.06 Apk download from uptodown. Have you had this situation: while walking through the city the expensive phone or tablet falls from your bag or pocket, but because of the ambient noise you notice the loss too late.

Android Watchdog” save you from such troubles. The application is designed to prevent the loss of mobile devices with Android (phone or tablet), and search for it and identify the thief of the device, if it has been stolen. When the device falls from the bag or pocket, the program starts loud siren, and if the user does not respond and do not turn it off, app sending an SMS-message with a GPS-coordinates of the lost device on standby phone. In case of theft “Android Watchdog” allows you to track the change of SIM-card, to determine GPS-coordinates of the device, making the thief’s photos, and record his conversation through SMS-queries. One of the main features of the app is the ability to remotely turn on / off the mobile internet and WI-FI-module. Download AntiTheft Android Watchdog PRO apk from below link.

AntiTheft Android Watchdog PRO v3.06 Apk


1) Does not require an active Internet connection on your mobile device, because enable or disable it remotely. (Note: On Android 5.0 or later software mobile internet switching is not available. You can control only WI-FI connection.)
2) It is not necessary to obtain root-rights for work.
3) Does not require a subscription fee for the use of a specialized Internet service to search for a mobile device (only one-time fee for PRO-version or free LITE version).
4) Allows you to take photos and record the thief’s conversation.
5) Allows you to track the device falling.
6) It is possible to hide the application from the launcher. (TO START IT, ENTER *#*#4568#*#* IN DIALLER)
7) SIM-card change tracking including 2-SIM devices (Android 5.1+)


How to Install AntiTheft Android Watchdog PRO Apk

  1. First, AntiTheft Android Watchdog PRO v3.06c Free Download Apk For Android Latest Version of below Download link
  2. Install it normally
  3. Enjoy It.

AntiTheft Android Watchdog Download Apk For Android


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