AutoResponder for Whatsapp Pro apk Free Download

AutoResponder for Whatsapp Pro Apk Free Download

Sometimes You don’t have your phone in your pocket But you want to reply WhatsApp messages.AutoResponder for Whatsapp pro does this job for you.It will respond automatically to your predefined messages.which contain some words or equal a message. You can set custom responses for different messages. You can also call it Whatsapp chat bot.

AutoResponder for Whatsapp Pro apk Free Download

AutoRespmder for Whatsapp Features;

  1. AutoResponder for Whatsapp pro automatically replies to all WhatsApp messages with predefined texts.
  2. Possibility to set contacts who will get responses for each message
  3. Answer replacements like %time% for a current time.
  4. Possibility to answer all received messages from single contacts.
  5. Responds if message equals or just contains some words.

AutoResponder for Whatsapp Pro;

  • Answer if the message contains option.
  • Add multiple responses Send all or a random one.
  • Also “Send Blue Ticks” option.
  • Also working as Tasker action plugin now.
  • Ad-Free Also.
  •  improved UI

How to Install AutoResponder for Whatsapp pro;

  • Download The Apk Which is given below:
  • Install it
  • Done Enjoy it



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