Fastboot Tools Free Download for Windows

Install Fastboot tools on windows:

What is Fastboot: – a fastboot tool is Like ADB, fastboot is also a part of SDK. A fastboot tool is a tool that can help you to reflash image file and partitions on your Windows device. In fastboot tools, the system you can modify the system of images files from a computer over a USB connection. Like recovery of your devices, you can also install new updates and zip files from fastboot tools.

How to setup fast boot tools on windows:

Setting up Fastboot for Windows is very easy. For the setup of fastboot, you need to use below methods to install the fastboot driver on Windows and Mac OS. Please remember One of the first things is to keep your device in USB mode. Without doing this, your PC won’t recognize your device.

fastboot tools for windows

Now install your fastboot on windows:

1.Firstly you need to install ADB installer setup. It will install fastboot and USB drivers within 15 seconds.

fastboot tools for windows

2.Now you see the command on screen, follow the instruction. Type ‘Y’ to install the fastboot driver.

3.This driver will install the fastboot drivers on your PC

4.After this, you need to type ‘Y’ again to install your device driver. It will take 4 seconds to install device drivers, and after that, your command for the window will close automatically.

5. Congrats you successfully install fastboot on your Windows PC.

These are the easy way to install fastboot on Windows.





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