FMWhatsApp APK v19.41.1 Download Sep 2022 2022 (Anti-Ban)

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FMWhatsApp APK 2022: The journey started from posts and letters, and now definitely, we’re upgraded to Instant messaging technology.

Instant messaging is one of the most popular ways of communication nowadays as it’s more convenient to use than email and phone calls. Lots of exceptional services such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram, Messenger, and Hike started as Instant messaging platforms globally.

Whatsapp Messenger is the most famous platform that tremendous people use as an Instant messaging app since it’s more convenient to use and also comes with a user-friendly interface.

WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging protocol that allows you to exchange messages instantly even without spending money. It works on the same Internet plan that your sim is in, and also it offers you free international voice and video calling over your internet plan.

FMWhatsApp APK Download 2022

FMWhatsApp APK Download

Moreover, Whatsapp is available for almost all platforms, Android, iOS, and Windows, and even you can also use it on web browsers.

After enabling the permissions, the WhatsApp messenger automatically syncs your contacts and lists all your friends and family members using the same service.

So you can easily message them, call them (voice or video), and also you can create groups for families and friends.


Excepting these features, Whatsapp also allows you to broadcast your messages just by preparing a simple list of contacts, so that, you can instantly message over hundreds of contacts in just a single tap by using it.

Moreover, You will also notice the Status page on FMWhatsApp, so that’s the same feature as the Instagram and Facebook stories.

Here on this page, you can watch your companion’s daily updates, and also you can update your own stories there.

Furthermore, WhatsApp is trusted by over 1.5 Billion worldwide users, so we can easily state that it’s the best Instant messaging platform globally.

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About FMWhatsApp APK

FMWhatsApp APK Latest

After having all the above features, still, there are immense features desired by users lacks in WhatsApp as an instant messaging app. Features such as status downloading, Whatsapp Logs, auto-reply, DND mode, wall customization, and much more are lacking in the official WhatsApp app.

Enormous developers published numerous modifications of WhatsApp for providing you with all these unusual features such as GB Whatsapp, FMWhatsApp, and Whatsapp Gold. So today, in the series of WhatsApp variants, we’ll discuss the FMWhatsapp APK.

Basically, FM Whatsapp is entirely different from the official WhatsApp app since it provides you with various additional features such as auto-reply, customization, Freeze last seen, disable forwarded, read deleted messages, and much more.

By using FM WhatsApp download the exceptional theme collection of WhatsApp. Moreover, it’s an anti-ban app, so you don’t have to worry about the ban issue, but please use a demo account for the first trial for your self-security.


  • It can operate on any Android device over the Android 4.4 version whether it’s rooted or not.
  • With this app, you can freeze last seen as well as the online state.
  • You can list the appropriate guys who can call you with this app. You can also get rid of the unwanted calls by the guys who aren’t there on your contact list.
  • Hide view status by this app or don’t tell contact that you’ve viewed their status.
  • You can also view your contact’s status either if he has deleted it.
  • If you use this app, no one can delete the message for you.
  • You can also show your contact blue ticks after replying to their messages.
  • It also offers you with WhatsApp lock feature by which you can create either PIN or Pattern lock.
  • Apart from all these services, The FMWhatsApp APK also contains a vast collection of FMThemes by which you can customize your WhatsApp wall.
  • It contains over 2000 themes and various distinct font styles.
  • You can also customize your WhatsApp home screen in this app.
  • FMWhatsApp APK offers you the DND option as Airplane Mode, and by enabling it, you can stop receiving WhatsApp messages.
  • It contains over 20 different bubbles and ticks styles.

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How to Install FMWhatsApp APK on Android?

If you don’t know how to install a .apk file on android then no worries. You can follow the below steps.

  1. First, download the latest version of FMWhatsApp APK on your Android device.
  2. Go to Settings > Apps & Security > Enable “Unknown Sources” option.Unknown Sources
  3. Open the folder where the apk file is located.
  4. Tap to install the apk.
  5. Let the installation process complete.
  6. That’s it, you have successfully installed the apk file on your smartphone.

If you get an “App not installed” error then make sure to uninstall the official WhatsApp app from your device then try installing the apk again.

Note: The process of allowing apps to install from unknown sources may vary for different Android versions. It is based on Android 9.

Security Concerns –

The app is very decent and fancy, with cool themes and a user interface. The only concern is this version is mod, and so, I can’t trust any mod app because it can steal information from the phone. Still, if you want to use this app, make sure that you download it directly from the developer’s website.

Slow Speed: Due to so many features, FMWhatsApp works slightly more time-consuming than official WhatsApp. It is a significant drawback for all WhatsApp Mods.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it safe to install FMWhatsApp APK on Android devices?

Yes, FMWhatsApp APK is safe to install, and it can work in every configuration device, which means you won’t need a better processor or frame rate in your device for using it. Since your security is our priority, so we also have tested this app in various high-end security testers, and these the results were impeccable.

Can I uninstall FMWhatsApp APK when I want to?

Yes, After downloading and installing FMWhatsApp APK from our website, you can uninstall it any time you want. Moreover, you won’t have to apply any different process to uninstall this app as it can comfortably get uninstalled by your device’s default uninstallation process.

Do I need to enable permissions to install FMWhatsApp APK?

Yes, there are just a few necessary permissions that you must have to enable for using the FMWhatsApp APK. Permissions such as Contacts and call logs for syncing your contacts, media and storage for sharing photos and videos, and Camera for capturing instant Photos and Videos via FMWhatsApp.

How to update FMWhatsApp APK?

For about a few months, you won’t have to update this app since its the latest variant of WhatsApp, but as well as the official WhatsApp launch an update, we’ll instantly upload the updated version of FMWhatsApp APK on this website.

Will I get banned for using FMWhatsApp APK?

The FMWhatsApp APK is the anti-ban modification of WhatsApp, but if you’re about to use all its MOD features, then please first try it for a demo or different number WhatsApp account.


FMWhatsApp is the most trustworthy modified version of WhatsApp, which provides you with immense excellent features as well as the support of enormous themes, bubble styles, and font styles.

Excepting these supports, the FMWhatsApp APK also provides lots of additional features based on advancing your WhatsApp account’s security. You can easily download and install this exceptional app from the link mentioned in this article. So get amazed by all its features right now.

Overall, FMWhatsApp is an excellent app for those who want extra features and a colorful user interface. It has fascinating features that official WhatsApp doesn’t have. If you have any questions regarding this app, you can ask in the comments.

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