GBWhatsApp & WhatsApp 6.55

GBWhatsApp & WhatsApp 6.55 Download Latest Updated Version For Your Business


What is GBWhatsApp APK App for Android & PC?

It is a 3-copy, a copy of the official attribution allowance and a copy to run a second account and a copy to run a third account based on the latest version of the application Watsp 2.18.203 and supports all Android devices as well as other features.

GBWhatsApp features?

* Ability to hide impressions 
* Privacy options 
* You can send group messages to groups 
* Hide any conversation 
* Automatic reply (you can send an automatic reply to incoming messages when you are busy) 
* You can change the program line by approximately 30 lines 
* When someone delete a message from your device CEATEC notice tells you the message that wants to delete (recovered) 
* you can now stop online Alwatsab internet and keeps working in other programs 
* you can upload a video in case a 7 minutes instead of 30 seconds 
* possibility of sending scheduled messages 
* you can restore any message after sending will be Delete it from all the devices sent to it 
* YM Disable automatic media upload for each conversation. 
* You can send a message or call a number that is not saved in your device, such as the Viper application
* Ability to distinguish between group and regular messages 
* Ability to know who visited your profile or become connected 
* Possibility to lock a WAP password 
* Ability to send a video size of 30 MB instead of 16 MB 
* Ability to send a clip size of up to 100 MB instead of 16 MB 
* Ability to send 90 images with one payment without 10 
* Ability to put the case of the number of characters 250 instead of 139 characters 
* Ability to click on links without storing the sender number or group owner 
* Statistics counter for groups 
* Preview media without downloading 
* Ability to hide the name and date when copying two messages or more 
* possibility to copy the case 
* the possibility of changing the program format, and Ngaa The program icon notices 
* the ability to send images with high accuracy
* Ability to stop receiving calls for any person you want or for everyone 
* Ability to display messages of any person in the group separately from the messages of the rest of the members 
* The program sends you an alert if your friend changed his profile 
* And many features.


What’s New in 6.55 + GBWhatsApp & WhatsApp Latest Version App?

* Updating the version of the bookmark 2.18.203 
* (Exclusively) Add a record of the deleted messages, now you can see the messages that the other party deleted at any time (open the profile of any conversation and deleted messages) 
* The possibility of hiding pictures and videos from the studio, application Alwatsab (Open the profile ofany conversation and media display) 
* activate the option to save chat in the form of a compressed file and the possibility to share (options – more – transfer chat) 
* activate discrimination message feature as read from the notices 
* activate Select all chats in the main screen option 
* possibility Request a report of your account information in Wattab (Open Settings in Wattab – Account – Request account information 
* No need to apply GBThemes now removed 
* Uninstall option 6.8 Display list of names
* Fix the problem of not displaying the message of deleted messages in some devices 
* Fix the problem of applying the themes in some devices 
* Fix Internet search problem 
* Fix the problem of making a backup copy and restore it from option 6.7 
* Fix problem sharing and sending themes 
* Update Italian and Portuguese languages 
* Fixes Other


How to activate?

* Put your number + Activate

Download GBWhatsApp to run a second number that supports Note 4 – 5 – 8 & S5 – 6 – 7 – 8 and all devices


 Download (armeabi-v7a)

Download (arm64-v8a)

 Download (x86_64)

 Download (x86)

Download Wattsapp Plus + WhatsApp Fix Official Watts Switch Does Not Support Note 4 – 5 – 8 & S 5 – 6 – 7 – 8

Download GBWhatsApp to run a third digit supporting the Notte 4 – 5 – 8 & S 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 and all the devices

Record changes

GBWHATSAPP Update 6.40

* Updating the client version 2.18.122 
* Administrators can now prevent members from sending messages in groups 
* You can now record audio clips without having to press the long button on the voice recording 
* Automatic reply to specific conversations can be customized or exclude certain conversations 
* Add option 2.7.9 To select the shape of the Floating Button as the official Callout 
* Add Option 2.1.11 to hide the Create new chat button from Conversations 
* Add option # 6.20 to disable the appearance of an alert that there are retrieved messages (deleted) 
* Add an option to disable AutoReader in case the two Read Disks are hidden 
* 02/01/16 to show the video icon in the conversation 
* you can now Arafa conversations that you have to activate the automatic download. (Open Alwatsab – Options – customized) conversations 
* You can now search for themes through the theme name
* Fix the color of the names when adding a new member to any group 
* Fix the color of the IM bubbles 
* Repair hide the playback signal 
* Fix the appearance of the attachment icon in the group conversation conversation 
* Fix the top bar color of the hidden and archived conversations 
* Update the Italian and Brazilian language 

Gbwhatsapp Update 6.30

* Updating the version of the signer 2.18.46 
* (Exclusive) Now when someone delete a message from your computer, you will notice a message that tells you the message you want to delete (recovery) 
* Activate the feature description group description 
* (Exclusive) You can see the description of any group within the conversation 
* 6:19 to run videos of your operator 
* when someone directing a message to you in any group @ sign the bottom of the conversation will appear 
* re – convert any video animated image and vice versa button 
* add option to disable vibration WhatsApp loudest conversations screen (open the hidden conversations and settings) 
* add option To disable the number of hidden messages on the program icon (open the dialog Then hidden settings) 
* Support change theme screen Create new group – New group message – Scheduled message – Custom conversations
* Add section 2.8 to change the starred message screen 
* Add option 2.2.30A to resize text now and last appear in the main conversation screen 
* Add option 2.4.13A to resize text now and last appear in the name screen 
* Add option 1.2 66. To hide the display description of the groups in the conversation 
* Add option # 1.2.67 to change the title color in the group 
* Fix option 6.11 to disable the appearance of pop-up notifications in the version of Oreo 8.0 
* Fix the appearance of the admin name next to the name in the groups 
* attaching media 
* repair delete auto – reply 
* repair of auto – reply when choosing a start time Massa The completion time 
* Repair open conversations hidden from the group information and then clicking on the image of theconversation
* Fix open hidden conversations through shared groups 
* Other fixes


Gbwhatsapp Update 6.25

Automatic update for incoming messages when you are busy) 
* Activate the search feature for a member of the group information 
* Add the ability to edit group information by administrators only 
* Add 7 new forms For bubble chat Option # 1.2.3 
* Add 4 new forms for read and receive. Option # 6.1 
* Add 5 new icons for the main program icon Option # 6.0 
* Add 16 new icon for message notifications Option number 6.3 
* Add option number 1.2.64 to disable the appearance of admin Group ‘next to the name in the group 
* add option 01/02/65 to change the color of ‘ em Group rack ‘next to the name in the group 
* You can manage group administrators through Group Information
* Fix the ability to open / connect to any hidden conversation through (the contacts application on the device) 
* Fix the appearance of hidden conversations when sharing a media file for the program 
* Fix the possibility of opening a hidden conversation by sending a message to a number not saved in your device 
* Hide hidden conversations in the widget 
* Fix the ability to open the program from the widget when you lock the program 
* Fix the possibility of connecting to a hidden conversation through the group 
* Support Hindi language 
* Other fixes


GbWhatsApp Update 6.10

* Update to the new version 2.17.427 
* Add the new Watsab Vesat 
* (Exclusively) You can now stop the Internet from Watsab and keep the Internet working in other programs 
* Add option 5.6 to raise video in the case of 7 minutes instead of 30 seconds 
* Now in the groups will appear ( 
Add the option) 2.7.7 To change the size of the floating button 
* Add option 2.7.8 to change the place of the floating button (left or right of the screen) 
* Add the clock sticker 
* Add option 2.1.10 to hide the icon Stop Internet From the conversation screen 
* Activate the notification feature of your contacts when you change your number 
* Add control of the settings of the group Only for moderators (will be done soon by the server) 
* German support 
* Improved sending message to an unsaved number in your device
* Fixed the option of option 6.2 when receiving multiple images (album) 
* Fix option number 6.11 in some versions 
* Repair crash when opening conversations that have done its privacy 
* Fixed a problem (failure to play this video) in some setups 
* Select message / conversation 
* Other fixes


GBWhatsApp Update 6.00

* Update version Almarki 2.17.351 
* (exclusive) You can now send a collective message groups 
* (exclusively) Now when you scan messages , you can scan only messages or only messages groups or everyone 
* Imkk now prevent the deletion of messages from your device if one tries to retrieve the message from your device (Options-Privacy-preventing delete messages) 
* activate the filters feature to edit images before sending them 
* activate the sharing feature direct site with friends 
* you can now select multiple messages and restore one time 
* add option 1/2/63 to view long messages without appearance (read More …) 
* You can now create a scheduled message for several people at once (through the sister Multiple namespace) 
* Add option 1.1.15 to show the name of the contact in the middle of the screen 
* You can now copy the scriptures
You can now specify up to 100 documents instead of 30 documents 
* You can now determine the storage size used for each conversation (settings – data size and user storage – the size of storage used) 
* Fix the map not showing when you send your site 
* Fix the shutter drawer when you pull up 
* Other fixes


GBWhatsApp Update 5.90

You can restore any message that you sent to it. 
* (Exclusively) You can now disable the automatic loading of the media for each conversation individually (open the profile of any conversation and then select the automatic media download) 
* (Exclusive You can now send a message or call a number that is not stored in your device such as the Viper application (go to the calls section and then press the floating button) 
* Add option 5.5 to send images in original size and quality 
* any conversation and then Privacy) 
* (exclusively) the possibility of choosing the video player through Option No. 6.19 
* Now when you receive or send several photos will be grouped in the Album 
* Add Option 6.17 to disable Message counter on the program icon
* Add option # 6.18 to choose the search engine for the animated images Giphy – Tenor 
* You can now find the fiashes by searching for them 
* New interface design 
* You can now edit the scheduled message after scheduled 
* You can now put the status of the script (Alasturi) 
* You can now share programs And games from the file manager to the wattasab 
* Now the backup of the conversations will be done daily at 2 am 
* Fix not working whatatsapp.log 
* Fixed the repair of scheduled messages in some devices 
* Update translation for Spanish and Italian 
* Support Turkish language 
* Other fixes


GBWhatsApp Update 5.80

* Update to the version 2.17.223 
* Ability to change the program line Added 30 lines (of the additions and features – Change the program line 11) 
* (Exclusive) Ability to send scheduled messages (Write a message and set the date of sending the message will be automatically sent) And then a scheduled message 
* The possibility of knowing the person who watched your status (Alasturi) Action option 2.5.8 
* You can now edit the images before sending them from the gallery 
* You can now select and send a group of videos at once 
* View the cases you have seen before by going to (Alastory – Options – View viewing cases) 
* Add Option 2.4.1 5 To change the color of the collective message list name when forwarding a message 
* Add option number 1.2.58 to change the color of the conversation organizer
* Add option 1.2.59 to change the color of the group message icon in the conversation 
* Add option 2.2.36 to change the color of the creator in the chat screen 
* Add option 1.2.60 to change the color of the unread messages in conversation 
* Add option 1.2.61 to change Bubble color There are unread messages in conversation 
* Add option # 1.2.62 to change the background color There are unread messages in the conversation 
* Other fixes

GBWhatsApp Update 5.70

* Ability to send a video size up to 50 MB instead of 30 MB 
* (exclusive) Possibility to go to the first message in the conversation (open any conversation and then press the options and then go to the first message) 
* Possibility to upload any image or video of the pastor ) 
* Add option 2.2.5A to change the name of the group message list in the main chat screen 
* Click on the status links 
* When searching for a conversation you can hide now 
* Fix the program off when opening a conversation on some devices 
* Other fixes


GBWhatsApp Update 5.60

* Update version Almarki 2.17.146 
* possibility of sending software, games and all kinds of files 
* You can install any chat at the top of the list of chats in order to reach them easily 
* (exclusively) the possibility of installing more than 3 talks 
* (exclusive) Edit Option 6.8 You can place a list of names Instead of the status list or instead of the call log list 
* Add an option to change the style of hidden conversations (open the hidden conversations and then the settings button) 
* Add option 1.1.14 to hide the attachment button from the top bar in the conversation 
* Add option 1.2.44 to hide the attachment button From the conversation writing box 
* Fix option 6.11 to disable notifications from appearing (7.0) 
* Fixed the appearance of the style when hiding a conversation in some devices 
* Fixed the lack of lock appearance when opening the wattage from the widget
* Other repairs


GBWhatsApp update 5.50

* The update to the version of the Market 2.17.107 
* (Exclusive) the possibility of hiding any conversation (Click on any conversation and then choose to hide) 
* Ability to save cases (Alasturi) Friends in the studio 
* (Exclusive) Counter now works on the icon of the program !! 
* (Exclusive) Re-option No. 6.8 to put the list of names instead of the new status list 
* Add option 2.2.34 to change the color of the recent status bar 
* Add option 2.2.35 to change the color of case text Modern cases 
* Other fixes 

GBWhatsApp Update 5.40

* Update to the version 2.17.79 
* Add the new status feature (additive) 
* Add the new Watsab VESAT 
* Add an option in the privacy list to prevent anyone from knowing that you have seen their status 
* (Exclusive) Add option 5.4 to place a situation with high resolution 
* In some of the apparatuses 
* other reforms

GBWhatsApp Update 5.30

* Update to the version of the client 2.17.24 
* (Exclusive) Ability to display messages sent from any person in the group separately (Open any group and then click on any name and then choose to view messages sent by this person or open the profile of the group and then select any member and select View Messages from this member) 
* (Exclusive) Add option 2.5.7 The program will alert you when anyone changes their avatar 
* (Exclusive) You can convert any video of any size to a mobile image and send it 
* Possibility to open a new chat from the button Floating 
* Fix Hide Hide from Widget 
* Fix not appearing option to modify status privacy 
* Fix option # 2.4.11 for Change the size of the rows in the list of contacts 
* Repair sending by email 
* Other fixes

GBWhatsApp Update 5.20

* Update to version 2.16.392 
* (exclusive) Possibility to know the conversations that you activated the privacy of or activated the alerts for each conversation (press Options and then custom conversations) 
* (Exclusive) Add option 5.2 to send images at high resolution 
* Search for images and send them 
* Activate the new Whatsapp interface which includes the status section 
* Add option 6.8 to return to the old chat interface 
* Add options 2.5.5 and 2.5.6 to change the alert color of who has become connected or visited your profile 
* Other fixes

GBWhatsApp Update 5.15

* Fixed an error when opening the program 
* Fixed an error when opening a locked conversation 
* Fixing an error when hiding appearances from Widget 
* Fixed off receiving calls for a particular conversation 
* Fixing the appearance of old display images instead of new 
* Fixing a shortcut option for the program 
* fix the appearance of error when compiling messages 
* update version Almarki 2.16.352 
* you can now connect audio and video (video call) 
* add 13 new icons for the program (option 6.0) 
* add option 8 to manage Cache files, and the possibility of deleting (up Hajj for 2 gigabytes so It’s best to delete them constantly ( 
* Protect your account via 2-Step Verification) from Settings – Sensitivity B – 2-Step Verification) 
* Ability to place a group name of 35 characters instead of 25 characters
* Support display the elapsed time of the last appearance when using the 12-hour format (option 2.2.2c) 
* When sending the VSAT will appear the large size 
* Add button next to the media files to be forwarded quickly and add the 1.2.56 and 1.2.57 options to change the button color 
* Application of themes loaded on phone in some devices 
* Other fixes 

GBWhatsApp update 5.00

* Update version 2.16.310 Almarki 
* Add new VSAT Alwats August 
* possibility of modifying images before sending them ( the drawing – writing add posters on the pictures) 
* (exclusive) access to a phone call from inside Alwats August 
* Add 2.5.4 option to specify a period of alert Become connected and visit your profile 
* Add option 5.3 to specify the size of the sent audio clip for 100 MB instead of 16 MB 
* Add the 2.2.2c option to calculate the elapsed time for the last appearance 
* Add option 2.4.14 to change the group name color and support changing the redirection screen theme Section 2.4 
* Add option 3.14 to change the color of the Facebook icon in the pop-up notifications screen 
* Fix p Open blood log whatsapp.log 
* add a translation for the Persian language
* Fix back to the default background when using a custom background for each conversation (option 1.2.0) 
* Fix and glow hide appearance in some devices 
* Edit translation in Arabic 
* Other fixes

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