Download Grammarly Premium Extension for Chrome Free

Grammarly Premium Extension for Chrome Free Download


If you work with huge amounts of text in your web browser like chrome, you probably need a fast way to proofread it before sending or publishing that text. Fortunately, nowadays there are many solutions that can help you to analyze your work & software utilities such as Grammarly for Chrome is one of your best courses of action. So Download Free Grammarly Premium Extension for Chrome and enjoy it.

This extension integrates properly with the host application & lets you obtain its functions from different web services that allow you to type text. After the installation process, a button becomes accessible next to the address bar. You can click it if you want to remove it, hide it or access the web service.

Grammarly Premium Extension for Chrome

No further configuration is needed to benefit from its capabilities, therefore you do not require to waste time to customize its components. You can start using it shortly after deploying it on your PC.

Whether you need to publish an entry to your blog, send an email or just chat with one of your friends, this extension helps you by proofreading your input content and provides you with real-time alerts in the case any errors are detected.

A special icon is displayed whenever the service is accessible. If the extension detects any errors within your text, the aforementioned icon automatically changes to a number, depending on a number of mistakes in your text. Also, the errors are underlined, so that you can identify them quickly and without significant efforts.

 Download Free Grammarly Premium Extension for Chrome

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