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Download Lucky Patcher APK Latest Version For Android 2020

Lucky Patcher Android App Uptodown it is an android tool which changes permission on android apps you can also block ads, get free in-app purchases from android apps and games. You can Use Lucky Patcher for Android and also on PC or windows with the help of bluestacks.

Lucky Patcher App gives you full control over the permissions you give to the apps installed on your Android Device. You can delete excessive advertising, change the permissions, create backups of other Android apps, and much more. That said, you do need a rooted device in order to enjoy these Lucky Patcher features.

When you open LuckyPatcher you’ll see the list of all the apps installed on your Android device. You just have to tap one of them to see the available options. You can view the app’s information, uninstall it, delete additional data, and access other special tools.

Lucky Patcher For Android Uptodown

LuckyPatcher Android App lets you take control of the installed Apps on your Android. As with almost all apps that give more control to the user, a rooted device is required to access all the features of Lucky Patcher.

If you are android phone addictive and you love using apps & playing games on your Android Phone and Device. If yes, then one thing that must have frustrated you while playing any app or game is the in-app purchases. The apps and games come with locked levels, tools, coins, characters and many other resources that need to be unlocked to fully enjoy the app/game. However, with Lucky Patcher in your Device, you can enjoy any app or game without any interruptions.

nowadays most Android users look to hack games, But they find it hard to hack game because there are many steps
involved in hacking. Lucky Patcher is a free tool it just requires just a few simple steps to hack any game
or modify permissions. With LuckyPatcher Root any game including- Subway Surfers, Temple Run, Hill
Climb Racing, Rail Rush, Highway Rider and much more. Latest Lucky Patcher App has been programmed in such a way that it bypasses credit checking system of Google play. In this way, you can easily perform in-app purchases of any game without actually spending money.

LuckyPatcher Mod Apk Allow you to remove ads from your installed applications and games and enjoy them
without interruptions. LuckyPatcher Apk tool works well on rooted devices having an Android version of 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) and above. It takes less memory and comes with a size of 6.5 MB. The best thing is its
available in multiple languages. There are premium versions of many applications and you can enjoy all of these for
free using  Latest Version of Lucky Patcher. Google detects Lucky Patcher as a virus but it is not a malicious application.

Lucky Patcher APK Uptodown

Lucky Patcher Features:

  • Remove or block ads on Android apps and games. You can easily block ads with the lucky patcher.
  • Some apps and games want suspicious permissions. You can easily remove unwanted permissions from any app or game.
  • Block in-app purchase verification with the app. You can use premium apps and games for free by removing in-app purchase verification.
  • Most of the features don’t work without root. So, we recommend you to root your smartphone or tablet before using the application.
  • Hack many games easily with Lucky Patcher Hack tool. Get free coins and money on the games. It may be required for root access.
  • Take the backup of your installed apps and games. You can also backup any apps after patching.
  • Lucky patcher is easy to use an app. The app shows which one has Google ads on it or which one has a custom patch for modification.

Lucky Patcher APK Changelog

Name Lucky Patcher
Latest Current Version V8.5.4
Price Free
Size 7.22 MB
Developer ChelpuS

Lucky Patcher Version 7.2.8:

Modded Google Play 9.7.11 to 9.8.07 updated;
Multi-patch fixed;
The engine for custom patches fixed.
Translations updated.

Lucky Patcher 7.2.6:

Mod Google Play for android tv added (not tested);
Fix InApp emulation for some apps;
Bugs fixed;
Translations updated.

Lucky Patcher 7.2.5:

Fix InApp emulation for some apps;
Translations updated.

Lucky Patcher 7.2.4:

Modded Google Play 9.2.11 to 9.7.11 updated;
Support patch for InApp emulation updated;
Translations updated.

Lucky Patcher  7.2.3:

Bug to the Proxy server for Google Play fixed;
SQLite database table for store apps info changed;
Ads SDK for start-app updated;
Translations updated.

Lucky Patcher 7.2.2:

Return back option “Save purchase for restore” for in-app emulation dialogue;
Show system apps by default;
Adel ads SDK removed;
Translations updated.

Lucky Patcher 7.2.1:

Move Application to /system/app fixed;
Uninstall system apps for android API 21+ fixed.

Lucky Patcher  7.2.0:

InApp emulation reworked;
Bug’s new in-app algorithm fixed;

Lucky Patcher Version 7.1.9:

InApp emulation reworked;
Translations updated.

Lucky Patcher Version 7.1.8:

Install system apps reworked;
Try FC for some firmware fixed;
Translations updated.

Lucky Patcher Version 7.1.7:

Rework to the new host for mod Google Play download;
FC for some firmware fixed;
Translations updated.

Lucky Patcher Version 7.1.6:

Rework to the new host

Bug’s fixed;
Translations updated

Lucky Patcher APK No Root UptoDown

There is no lucky patcher no Root version. you can install this same apk File on your non-rooted smartphone or device but you will be able to use limited features of this Luckypatcher App Apk.
Lucky Patcher App is a hacking tool that requires root access, so if you are using a no root version, then it possible you only enjoy some of the features on your smartphones. But, if you want to enjoy all the Latest Lucky patcher features of this patching app, then you should use a rooted device for LP and install the version that requires root access.

Lucky Patcher Apk Download

Lucky Patcher is not Virus, Malware or any harmful app but Google shows you a warning. Disable “Play Protect” on Play Store to hide this warning. There Many websites which share fake lucky patcher app and give LuckyPatcher Apk Download Link. On this site, you can Download lucky Patcher Apk Latest Version.

If you want download lucky patcher Apk you have to click download. You can find Latest version of LP as well as some older versions of the LP app. If you click on the download button, a download will start automatically. To install the app you have to open the  Lucky Patcher APK file. For more details see how to install Lucky Patcher app Apk.

How to Install Lucky Patcher On your Android

Step 1: First You need to download Lucky Patcher apk File then  you’ll have to enable ‘installation from
unknown sources’.

Step 2: In this Step you to change phone’s setting and enabling the installation. go to the settings and
then to ‘Lock screen and security’ option. Find option of ‘unknown sources’ and swipe towards the right to enable the installation.

Step 3: Now, open the apk of Lucky Patcher to Install.

Step 4: When Installation star You will get a warning in the pop up which says “Blocked by Play Protect“.  this error is shown by Play Store for obvious reasons as this app will help you in doing free in-app purchases and do other things
which of-course Google doesn’t want you to do

Now, you will get an option of Install anyway. Just click on that button.

Wait for the installation process to complete. It might take few seconds. Now, you are all set to enjoy premium apps and unlimited gaming.

Shopping Options via Lucky Patcher

Method 1:
First of all, install a modified marker which will be version 3 or higher for applying first patch Android (Signature Verification is always true). Your purchase will be redirected to our app when you will be done this. For purchase with lucky patcher please enable “Emulation Google Billing” and when you want to normal purchase please switch off “Emulating Google Billing”.

How to do it?
First- install lucky patcher
Second- In the bottom portion of Lucky Patcher “Tools”->”Patches Android”, you will find (Signature Verification is always true) tab to apply. It will be marked 2/2 applied when it will be reboot (If don’t you want to do you can skip it but we recommend you to do it). If these processes failed you can try Xposed Lucky Patcher module.
Third- Please Run Lucky Patcher when the internet connection is on and select lower panel “Tools”->” Install the modified Google Play”, select the correct version and install.
Fourth- Make a Test Google Play “Tools”->” Test the modified Google Play”.

Method 2:

Switching “Proxy Server” for Google Play is necessary for first patch Android. When you are going to first patch you need to switch on the proxy server. After that, all your purchase will be redirected to the Lucky Patcher.
– Google Play will work only when the proxy server will be enabled
– Purchasing information is protected by checking
– When your Proxy Server will be turn off your Kept Purchase opportunity will be the turn of too.

Method 3:

If you have Xposed framework in your device, you can use Lucky Patcher’s Xposed module.


In the Xposed module, a fourth option is for supporting Iapp and LVL emulation while you are not installed modded Google Play Store. Otherwise first and four option you can make in-App Purchase. In the Fifth option for hiding Lucky Patcher from the application when it Grumbles.
– When checking original information about app purchasing will be checked, it will not affect on there.
– The Xposed module has lots of bugs when it is updating when Xposed framework will be switched off the total system need to restart some times phone need to restart to work it.

Method 4:

This application will target for InApp and LVL to the application and more effective. When this operation will finished all purchase will GP to Lucky Patcher. Google Play user patch will be supported InApp and LVL emulation( will allow the user to bypass purchase process. Emulation only in application working when they will patch it.
– It will not be working to all applications since InApp purchase code hidden in inaccessible to the patch.
– Purchases information about app purchasing will not be available before applying a custom patch in Google Play;
– Patch is needed after upgrading for a target application.

For Users When Device is Not Rooted:

Method 1:

For doing this application target patch is supporting for InApp and LVL emulation. Please delete the original application (is there any folder rename back the folder). You can try to buy if miracles work on you, Sometimes it happens.

Method 2:

Please do the switch on “Mirror of original InApp of service for emulation of purchases”. This method you can modify old applications or older version of applications. Example of this method used in CreeHack. If you want to try this for latest apps it can support for InApp and LVL emulation, it will not work. Some application could be a crush for using this method.

Purchase window option:

1. Send Response unsigned: For older games and application user no need to have root privileges, where the authors do not inadvertently check the signature data. This option will send a blank signature this will purchase will get virtual activate the application and confirm the correct signature. Root Privileges users better to avoid this method.
2. Save to restore purchases: In this option, Lucky Patcher saved purchase in the database of Lucky Patcher for jailbroken apps. In this option, the user needs to patch after rebooting again.
3. Auto Purchase with current setting: Lucky patcher will auto purchase the same purchase apps. No need to press agree to buy for buying gold or coin. “Delete selected saved purchase” long press will auto purchase gold.

Download Lucky Patcher APK Uptodown