Ludo Star IOS Hack – Unlimited Gold Gems and XP

Ludo Star IOS Hack – Unlimited Gold Gems and XP

In Ludo Star IOS Hack this is a very useful trick for the trending game Ludo star, Ludo Star IOS Hack APK you can get a number of your selection by using this amazing trick. ludo star hack iPhone You can learn Ludo star Hack with ludo star dice hack & Ludo star tricks from here.

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A Ludo Star game that has crossed 1 Million downloads in a tiny span of time, Ludo Star, launched by the GameBerry Studios, is one of the most discussed social media application in the world. How to always get a six in Ludo Star is an important thing, and with that, you can win many games.

Ludo Star IOS Hack

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Ludo could only be labeled as the National game of Pakistan. People in Pakistan grew up by playing this Ludo game. Since childhood, People have been addicted to this awesome game. ludo star hack most 6 or ludo star dice hack then you on the right place. Be it a board game, or a mobile application, we all want to win it at any cost. YOu can Download Ludo star for Android and also download lodu star for Iphone

The main thing in Ludo Star Hack is that How to Get Six in Ludo Star because getting 6s on the right time is very necessary, but it is not that simple to get what you solicit. ludo star hack iPhone Most of the players also find the answer of this question, how to send coins to friends in ludo star?

The Easiest And The Coolest Way To Get A Confirmed 6 In Ludo Star are To Play With The Counter.

A YouTube user, possibly a Ludo Star wizard, has shared a Ludo Star Trick which enables you to get a SIX every time you play the game. Ludo Star IOS Hack MOD.

  1. Wait till the clock reaches 12:15

Ludo Star IOS Hack

2. Press the dice the second it reaches 12:15

Ludo Star IOS Hack

3.  There are 90% chances that you get a 6 or a higher number of the dice

Ludo Star IOS Hack How to Get Six in Ludo Star 100% Working Method

Watch The Full Video Here On One Of The Secret Hacks Of Ludo Star!

So are you ready to win your next game?

Ludo Star Cheats Free Gems and Coins No Survey

How to Transfer Ludo Star Coins Easily- How To Share Ludo Star Coins with Your Friends

There are very large number of people in Pakistan and India and almost in Asia right now who play Ludo Star Game Online in Pakistan & the Ludo Star 2017 game is very popular in Pakistan nowadays. download ludo star hack unlimited gold. You just have to download and install ludo star game in your mobile & play it with guests or your Facebook friends. There are many people who want to transfer Ludo star coins from one account to another account or they want to Ludo Star Hack Apk to get more gems & coins. ludo star dice hack. There is no 100% working coins or gems hack Ludo star right now but you can easily transfer Ludo star coins from one mobile to another. If you do not have the ludo star hack iPhone Ludo Star Hack APK Download in your mobile for ludo star dice hack, you can download from the given below downloading link.

Download Ludo Star APK Latest Version

1st Step). Transfer Ludo Star Coins-Share Ludo Star Coins with Friends

Here is an easy method to show you how to transfer ludo star coins and get more coins in your account of Ludo star online. This all is known as Ludo Star Hack. If you previously play ludo star on your mobile or on PC, you have to know that it is very hard to earn extra coins in Ludo star. So here we produced you an easy way to transfer ludo star coins quickly.

2nd Step). Download Ludo Star 2017

The first thing is that you must have Ludo Star Download on your mobile or tablet. You can get the latest version ludo star app from google play store or other sites online & it is easy to install on your mobile and on your tablet. The size of the Ludo star app for mobile is also very much small & it can run on low specs phones also.


Generate Ludo Star Unlimited Gold, Gems and XP


3rd Step). Connect Ludo Star With Facebook

When you did download & install the Ludo star in your mobile, you have to connect  Ludo Star APK APP with your Facebook account. If you do not have any facebook account then you have to share the game join code with your friends which are a bit hard. ludo star hack iPhone If you connect Ludo star game with your Facebook, you can only invite your friends in Ludo star game to share coins in Ludo star with friends which is a Ludo Star Hack APK for Android. You work is only to click on a play with Facebook button & login to your Facebook account.

4). Invite your friends

When you connect your Facebook with the Ludo star, the next step is to challenge and invite your friends to play Ludo Star Game online Hack with you. Please note that your friends should have lots of coins in Ludo star game so they can share Unlimited Ludo Star Coins with you quickly. ludo star hack iPhone Or perhaps if you have plenty of Ludo star coins, you can give it to them also. You can invite your friends from Facebook to play the Ludo star with you and if they cannot join you, you can share the join code with them and they will join your table in the Ludo star.

5). Last step

After you go in a Ludo Star game with friends in Ludo star, you can ask them to leave the game as soon as it starts and with this trick, you can easily get coins from your friends. If they leave your room when the game starts, they’ll lose the game & you will easily get all coins in your Ludo star account this is also a Ludo Star Hack Trick. Or if you need to share coins with your friends in Ludo star, you can do the same method and your friends will get the coins as much they want.
So, guys, this was the most simple and easy way to transfer ludo star coins and how you can share ludo star coins with your friends. If you do not have the Ludo star app previously on your smartphone or tablet, so you can download the new version of Ludo star 2017 from the given below link.

If want to know how to play Ludo star on pc then let us know in the comments section & we’ll show you guys how you can do that.

Ludo Star IOS Hack How to Get Six in Ludo Star 100% Working Method Unlimited Coins

Hack Download Ludo STAR 1.0.27 APK MODDED APK Unlimited Coins: We all know very well about Ludo, arguably the most famous board game in Asia. Lately, this board game was converted into an app named Ludo STAR 2017 Hack which could be played on the Android devices. ludo star hack iPhone Due to the very high demand of Ludo, Ludo STAR: 2017 became an internet response within no time & garnered a lot of downloads. The game has a size of 14.9 MB & you are required to log in with your Facebook account so that you can invite your friends for playing with you. You can even complete with random players over the globally.

Ludo Star IOS Hack ludo star hack iphone

On 7th August 2017, the latest update was released & people quickly breathed a sigh of relief as most users were having difficulties with the bugs which they found in the last update. The Ludo Star latest update is Ludo STAR 1.0.27. You can simply download this new update manually or on the Play Store. This Ludo Star new update also means new updated hacked APK for Ludo STAR. A lot of cheat codes for Ludo STAR such as Get Six every time in Ludo STAR were founded. So here we are also going to share Ludo Star Hack MOD | How to Get Six in Ludo Star 100% Working Method.

In this Ludo Star Hack post, we will be presenting you with the latest Ludo STAR 1.0.27 Hacked APK. After installing the Ludo Star APK, you will get unlimited coins and play big games. So instead of trying for cheat codes & spending hours on the internet searching, you’ll get all the cheat codes at one place. You’ll also get access to unlimited coins. All you want to do is follow the step-by-step guide discussed below.

Download Ludo STAR APK 1.0.27

  1. Download the APK file from the direct downloading link given below.
  2. If you have any older version of Ludo Star Apk app, then uninstall it first.
  3. Then Copy the downloaded file to your smartphone.
  4. For being able to install the APK files from other sources, you must go to Setting -> Security -> Allow Unknown Sources and then check the option.
  5. Now, tap on the downloaded file for initiating the installation.
  6. After the installation is complete, run Ludo STAR.
  7. Done!!1 Enjoy your modded Ludo Star game

If you have any questions related to this guide, feel free to leave that in the comment section down below.

Download Latest Ludo Star IOS Hack:

Download and Play Latest Ludo Star IOS Hack: Ludo is easily one of the most popular board games ever produced in the history of the smartphone gaming. It is highly popular in Asian Countries like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, etc. One of the biggest appeals of this game is that it is made for people of all age groups as it is really fun to play. You can play it anytime be it an activity after family dinner or a wedding function. Just recently, a new game named Ludo Star: 2017 was released for Android devices. Due to the popularity of this board game, within no time this app got famous over the internet and became a huge hit on Play Store.

Ludo Star IOS Hack

This game is 14.9 MB in size and you need to log in with Facebook so that you can invite friends for playing with you. You can also compete with players over the internet and with different variations. Even though, Ludo Star: 2017 is only available for devices running on Android you can still play it on your PC using the method we are going to mention below.

There is no change in the interface even if you play it on your PC. The gameplay remains the same, only the screen gets bigger. It works flawlessly on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10 and MAC OS X. If you want to play this game on PC, you need to follow the steps mentioned below.


  • Login with Facebook and invite friends to play with you
  • Play with random player in 2 or 4 player matches
  • Play different variations: Classic, Master or Quick
  • Play with your favorite rules like :
  • Doubling of pieces, kill 1 before entering home etc and much more

Download Ludo STAR: 2017 For Windows PC and MAC

Ludo Star IOS Hack

How to Download and Install Ludo Star: 2017 On PC and MAC

  • In order to run any android apps or games (APKs) on Macs or Windows, you have to install an Emulator on your system
  • So first, download the latest Bluestack 3 On Your Windows PC or Mac
  • Download the Ludo Star APK file by going to the link mentioned above.
  • After you have finished installing BlueStacks, double-click the downloaded Ludo Star: 2017 APK file.
  • The APK file will be installed using BlueStacks.
  • After the installation is complete, open BlueStacks and then locate the installed Ludo Star: 2017.
  • Click on the icon of the game and start playing.
  • Done!!
  • If you have any questions related to this post, feel free to leave that in the comment section down below ludo star hack iPhone 🙂

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Ludo Star IOS Hack – Unlimited Gold Gems and XP – ludo star hack iPhone

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