MU Origin-SEA MOD APK Free Download

Free Download MU Origin-SEA MOD APK

MU is now back now officially authorized version by Korea Webzen. A unsurpassable legendary masterpiece. MU Origin-SEA V1.7 is now in the mobile version. MU Origin-SEA MOD APK Free Download from the links given below. This app is also very interesting.

MU Origin-SEA
MU Origin-SEA

Ten years before, MU issued as the first 3D fiction MMORPG. But today now, MU Origin-SEA inherits the standard functions and thrilling joy to players.
Developed on Unity3D engine. Recreate the vast fantasy world. You also know that heroes never die, and also they only respawn. Now recover your thought with the famous MU.

MU Origin-SEA Features:

  • It has three classes returns, adventure to the classic dungeons,
    dominate the Warrior Land,  and climb to the top of the miracle world.
  • It has a gorgeous, and unique effect.
  • You will feel like immediate experience like realistic gameplay.
  • Million people fights inking hegemony
    Same-server group fighting, fiery PK challenge.
  • It has a great new map; that is free to explore, and also enjoy the unlimited fun.
  • It also has swordsman plays from his job and swordsmanship during battle. A character that filled with chivalry.
  • It also holds spiritual power, also with different magic that is victorious. He regularly frightens off the enemy.
  • It also contains a beautiful elf, furnished with a deadly missile, also with talented skill, and also with the power of a minister.
  • It has a new system of hollows in which you will collect four Holy Parts to Arm yourselves.
  • It also has the new regime of fluorescence gem that opens the new age of element.
  • It also has the new cross-server team dungeon for Doom Summary.
  • It also has a new cross-server group of cell element trials.
  • It also has a new cross-server event – warrior’s battlefield for fighting with many of players on one battleground.
  • It also has bug fixing.


MU Origin-SEA Screenshot
MU Origin-SEA Screenshot

Download Links are:

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