Tor Browser 7.0 Free Download For Windows (Latest Version)

Tor Browser 7.0 Free Download For 7,8,10 Windows

Tor Browser is a system of virtual passages that enables individuals and gatherings to enhance their protection and security on the Internet. It additionally empowers programming designers to make new specialized instruments with implicit protection highlights. Tor Browser gives the establishment to a scope of utilizations that enable associations and people to share data over open systems without bargaining their security. Tor browser free download for all window version from below link.

Tor Browser 7.0 Free Download

Tor browser download for Windows 

Tor Browser apk is a toolset that is intended for any individual who needs to enhance their wellbeing and security on the Internet. It can help you anonymize web perusing and distributing, texting, and different applications that utilize the TCP convention. For business clients, it implies that secret trades of data can be kept from prying eyes and for more broad clients, it implies that ISPs, keyloggers and different sorts of malware can’t track your exercises effortlessly. Tor browser free download for windows 7, 8, 10 from below given link.

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Tor Browser Features

  1. Works with All Windows versions.
  2. Tor Browser Free & Safe Download!
  3. Users choice!
  4. Tor Browser Latest Version for window 7!
  5. Automatic data decryption at client side.
  6. Performs task without revealing IP of Source.
  7. Tor is capable of handling thousands of relay and millions of users.
  8. Complex Data encryption before it sent over the Internet.
  9. It is a combination of Firefox Browser + Tor Project.
  10. Cross Platform Availability. i.e., this application is available for Linux, Windows as well as Mac.
  11. Easy to set FTP with Tor using configuration as “socks4a” proxy on “localhost” port “9050”.
  12. Capable of routing data to/from hidden services and application behind a firewall.
  13. Makes it possible to visit locked websites.
  14. Performs task without revealing IP of Source.
  15. Tor browser portable – Run a preconfigured web browser directly from the USB storage Device. No need to install it locally.
  16. Provides anonymity to servers and websites.

How to use tor browser and Install 

  1. First, Tor Browser 7.0 Free Download from below Download link
  2. Install it normally
  3. Enjoy It.

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